Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

city of Gali

The Galician city of Gali has a great historical significance, as well as many tourist areas, the most important of which are Dutch buildings. The Dutch fortress contains many beautiful villas, huge fountains and small cafes.

City of Polonarua

The ancient city of Polonarua was incorporated into UNESCO World Heritage Site, an archaeological and cultural city in the province of Polonarua of the Central North Province. It was founded by King Vijayapu in 1070 AD after its defeat by the Chula Revolt. The site attracts large numbers of tourists Called for the establishment of a new town of the same name close to them.


Sri Lanka has many beaches that provide all the requirements and desires of tourists, and the most important beaches:

  • Unawatuna Beach: Located close to the southern coast of Gali, it is considered one of the most dynamic beaches. There is also a specialized snorkeling center for snorkelling and a large number of water activities that provide pleasure for tourists.
  • Mirissa Beach: Located on the south side of Unawatuna, it is quiet in style, and tourists can enjoy a diving hobby and enjoy whale watching.
  • Arugam Bay: Many are meant for windsurfing.


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