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Tourism in Italy

Italy is ranked among the top five in the ranking of the most attractive countries for tourists, due to the precious monuments left by the ancient civilizations, such as the effects of the Greek era and the Roman era, as well as the beaches that extend over vast areas and characterized by beauty and splendor, All of its alleys, which offer the most famous and traditional Italian cuisine, the most important of which are pizza and pasta. Tourism in Italy is interesting and interesting if the tourist can find the most famous tourist areas. Yeh and most fun for tourists in Italy:

Amalfi Coast

The coast of Amalfi is known as the Italian bride. It is located on the Sorrento Peninsula along the southern regions. The coast occupies a large part of these areas. It is about 30 miles long. The surrounding areas are famous for their wide range of trees, The walls on the high mountains and the slopes of the slopes, and the most beautiful areas along the coast is the village of Fururi, which deserves to stop to enjoy the beauty of nature.

City of Venice

Known as the Venice, it is a romantic city and is one of the most important destinations for lovers and grooms around the world to test the beauty of romantic tours in boats and boats in the narrow waterways between old buildings and historic palaces. Venice also contains a number of international art museums.

City of Florence

Florence is located in the north of the center of Italy. The city is famous for its ancient monuments and the architecture of Florence. It has one of the most important shopping complexes in the world, , Which provides the tourist pleasure of shopping among a large number of shops with international brands.


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