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Travel to Munich

The city of Munich is very popular with people who prefer to travel to Europe. The German city has all the attractions of the city. It is the third largest German city with a fairly active traffic. The security system is strict in the region, where the system helps to travel and travel of women safely, and the region is experiencing many attractions that attract travelers and tourists to it.

The following can be done when traveling to Munich:

  • Listening to the Marienplatz watch: This clock is located in the Maria Marienplatz square, which is located in the central square in the heart of Munich. The clock is interesting from March to October, with the famous sounds from 11 am to 2 pm There are more than 30 people laughing, fighting and dancing. At the end of the show, the golden bird yells three times for the end, and if it is too late, it can be seen at 9 pm.
  • Find the footsteps of the devil: The footsteps of the devil, a mysterious imprint, can be found in the Church of the Twin Tower (Frauenkirche), dating back to the fifteenth century, and is the largest church in the city, with a capacity of 20,000 visitors, Entering the church, legend says that this black mark is the seal where the devil’s feet, miraculously survived the Second World War.
  • Munich’s English Garden: The city’s largest garden, serving as a place for hiking on any sunny day, has many attractions in the park, including boats, hiking along wooded trails, and so on.
  • Residence at the Royal Palace: The Munich Palace is open to the public, a free and open palace. The building was built in 1385, and the place was to be the largest of the German palaces, but today it is the best European museum with the most modern interior. Room of royal antiques, artwork, porcelain, and furnishings.


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