What is the importance of travel

  • Eliminate the various pressures on the human being, including stress of life, living and work, although travel may require some pressure in preparation for him and the division of time on the work and activities to be carried out during the journey of travel, but this type of pressure known as positive pressure Which improves the psyche.
  • Eliminate monotony, boredom and routine routine life by providing a quantity of positive energy and helping the person return to normal life and work hard.
  • Identify the cultures of different peoples, the customs and traditions of each society, and expand the circle of information and knowledge.
  • Acquire new ways of thinking, behaviors and behaviors, and gain wisdom and sanity in some things, in addition to successful management of problems.
  • Evoke memories of the attitudes and feelings passed by the traveler, especially when he passes through periods of stress and nervous.


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